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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

At Alphabyte, we always include a data backup and disaster recovery plan as part of our IT management package. Our backup service allows you to effectively and efficiently safeguard your data against any potential mishaps. Using our knowledge and experience, we will work to ensure that the backup service we provide is tailored to the needs of your business. All of your backups will be monitored regularly and carefully by Alphabyte staff to ensure the continued integrity of your data.
Full Off-Site Replication
  • Replication of your data off-site in real time
  • Backup of your system in its entirety (including data backup)
  • Data is replicated to our own servers in our own datacentre for full control and fast recoveries when needed
  • Data is fully encrypted
Data Backup
  • Backup of all non-replaceable data (documents, pictures, etc.)
  • Offsite daily backup to our cloud datacentre
  • File recovery of previous versions is available
Peace of Mind Stop worrying about your business' important data.
Save Time We’ll create backups and ensure that your data is protected so that you don’t have to.
Exhaustive Preparation We prepare for any and all eventualities, including natural disasters and man-made accidents.
Thorough Explanation We’ll make sure that you understand what we’re doing and why it benefits your business.
Secure Backups Our datacentre is stable and secure, so your backups will be completely safe.
A Tailored Service We’ll work with you to ensure that our data backup service is exactly what your business needs.
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