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Telecommunication Services

Here at Alphabyte, we have a wealth of experience with business telecommunications and connectivity. We pride ourselves on our ability to select and provide the best solution for any business.

Whether you’re looking for a new internal phone system, a hosted VoIP solution, or a faster, more reliable internet connection, our telecommunications management service will ensure that you aren’t disappointed. We offer completely unbiased advice, free of charge, and so you are certain to get the right solution.

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What we can do:
  • Find the best business broadband available in your area
  • Recommend SLA-backed connections (leased lines, Ethernet First Mile & Fibre on demand)
  • Provide secure site-to-site connectivity
  • Set up traditional internal PBX systems
  • Provide hosted VoIP solutions
  • Recommend call recording solutions
Faster Internet Does your business rely on the internet? We’ll make sure that your connection is as fast as possible.
Optimised Communication Make sure that you and your clients can communicate with each other at all times.
Save Money We don’t just track down the best service – we try to find the best deal, too!
Unbiased Advice We aren’t sponsored or otherwise remunerated by any of the services we recommend, so you can trust in what we tell you.
A Holistic Approach We’ll make sure that your telecommunications infrastructure is well-suited to your business as a whole.
Cutting-Edge Knowledge We stay up-to-date with all the latest developments in telecommunications, so we’re always well-equipped to make recommendations.
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