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Cloud Services

Cloud storage allows users to make use of offsite equipment and access data remotely in order to improve the connectivity and scalability of their ventures. Working with Alphabyte will allow you to reap the benefits of this service as part of a well-structured IT management plan designed specifically for you.

Microsoft Office 365

365 is essentially Microsoft Office with cloud storage. Microsoft Office 365 allows you to seamlessly access all of your data via a Microsoft-hosted server without having to worry about hardware costs. This expanded connectivity allows you to access your files from any computer with Microsoft Office and an internet connection, making it easy to work anywhere, anytime.

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Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) IAAS is a cloud service by which you can outsource the entire infrastructure of your company’s IT operations to us. It is essentially the housing of all services you need to run your system, off-site, at a secure location, to which you can connect remotely. This is an excellent option if storage and maintenance of hardware is a concern. It also allows for a flexible, non-committal approach to your IT solutions as we obtain and maintain the hardware needed to perpetuate the performance of your business.
Flexible Working Cloud storage means that you don’t have to be in the office to get things done.
Save Space The use of our cloud services frees up a lot of office space that would otherwise have been occupied by hardware.
Safe, Secure Storage We specialise in information security. We’ll make sure that your cloud-stored data is kept safe.
Jargon-Free Advice We’ll help you to get to grips with the latest cloud storage technology.
Holistic Solutions Our cloud services can be incorporated into a comprehensive IT management package that’s tailored to your needs.
Low Costs Our fees are affordable and all-encompassing – no hidden costs here!
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